Strategic Fund Marketing & Sales

  • Track all aspects of your capital raising process via a customizable, drag-anddrop grid for enhanced sales forecasting by date, stage, and other factors.

  • Built-in email marketing tool for targeted and personalized prospect communication, and easily track email success with metrics like document downloads or links clicked.

  • Easily promote and manage on-going events such as advisor seminars and educational webinars and the related follow-ups with Imagineer’s Event Management Tool. 

  • Manage campaigns, plan roadshows, and market events by targeting prospects and investors based on custom characteristics such as investment preferences or geographic location.

Client Relationship Management & Reporting

  • Automatically track all user activity, including client communications, meetings, and related follow-up tasks.
  • Simplified tracking for your most complex consultant, advisor and partnerships relationships.
  • Gain a more holistic view of your top selling clients and their underlying reps, as well as capture granular data on purchases, net sales and assets utilizing Clienteer’s integration with data aggregators, performance reporting and accounting systems.
  • Save time preparing and disseminating monthly investor reports utilizing Clienteer to consolidate, collate, and distribute complex reporting packages secured with watermarks and password protection.

WebVision has freed me up from a lot of manual work - whether it's communication with investors, posting returns and documents or sharing commentary - the platform enables us to automate our communication. 

Operate more intelligently

  • Best in Class Outlook®, Exchange® & G Suite® Integration – Effortlessly file emails to contact profiles so you never miss a thing. Instantly create contacts from email signatures on your desktop or phone, watermark and distribute documents, and load email templates on the fly.
  • Streamline the tracking, management, and approval processes for client and account transactions, activity, and documentation.
  • Utilize duplicate checking features and leverage in-table editing to easily manage and maintain data integrity.
  • Clienteer and WebVision’s tight integration allows you to push and pull contact, performance and account data and documents from both platform creating the industry’s most optimized solution for relationship management.

WebVision Client Portal for File Sharing & Reporting

  • Build and easily maintain your branded web presence, sharing important firm updates and reports as well as seamlessly posting daily, MTD, YTD and ITD fund returns.
  • Promote insightful content, documents and videos behind log-in providing advisors and consultants on-demand access to educational resources and seminars.
  • Automate communications by posting new content and documents and letting WebVision do the work of sending notifications to permissioned users and monitoring client engagement.
  • Take advantage of the native integration between WebVision and Clienteer to organize campaigns, connect with prospects, and share content for marketing events.

“Having a tool that truly optimizes our account, purchases, and asset flow tracking has saved our team hundreds of hours each month and allowed us to capitalize on more actionable data analytics than we could have asked for.”