CRM, Fund Marketing & Investor Relations


Clienteer is an intuitive and highly configurable relationship management platform designed for hedge funds, private equity, and other asset managers to streamline their CRM, fund marketing, and investor relations workflows. It includes a comprehensive suite of features wrapped in an easy to use and powerful user interface, allowing users to manage communications with their investors and prospects while also keeping track of investor accounts and transactions.

Unlike most CRM solutions, Clienteer supports multiple subscription levels and deployment options that can scale to the needs of any size organization. Whether it is hosted by our clients, a third-party, or in our Azure® cloud, Clienteer's flexible desktop, mobile, and web-based solutions are unrivaled.

Data-Driven Fund Marketing

  • Track all aspects of your capital raising process via a customizable drag-and-drop interface enabling easy sales forecasting by date, opportunity stage, or any other factor.

  • Manage campaigns, plan roadshows, and market events by targeting prospects and investors based on custom characteristics such as investment preferences or geographic location.


  • Author and automate the distribution of watermarked and branded fund factsheets and other custom reports.

  • Know who your most interested prospects are by tracking email interactions and document download analytics.

Optimize Investor Relations

  • Step up your balance and transaction reporting by integrating with fund administrators, accounting systems and data aggregators to capture more investment data at the class, series and tranche levels right in the CRM.
  • Proactively manage and track capital account activity such as subscriptions, redemptions, capital calls, transfers, and more with built-in workflow functionality and reporting tools.
  • Visualize compliance reporting, investor account performance, product tear sheets, and investor liquidity.
  • Save time preparing and disseminating monthly investor reports utilizing Clienteer CRM to consolidate, collate, and distribute complex reporting packages secured with watermarks and password protection.

Operate More Intelligently

  • Best in Class Outlook®, Exchange® & Gmail® Integration - Effortlessly file emails to Clienteer CRM so you never miss a thing. Instantly create contacts from email signatures on your desktop or phone, watermark and distribute documents, and load email templates on the fly. 
  • Streamline the tracking, management, and approval processes for client and account transactions, activity, and documentation.
  • Utilize duplicate checking features and leverage in-table editing features to easily manage and maintain the integrity of your data.
  • Automatically track all user activity, including investor communications, meetings, and related follow-up tasks.

Foster a Culture of Compliance

  • Establish and enhance your culture of compliance by tracking all investor and prospect communications, meetings, and associated documentation in a single, auditable place.
  • Keep track of important account information including ERISA levels, Form PF, FATCA categories, New Issue Eligibility, KYC, AIFMD, and more.
  • Leverage detailed system audit reports to keep tabs on user activity and database changes.
  • Set user permissions that fit your firm’s policies. Limit access to relevant Clienteer functions and investor information with defined user roles.

Unprecedented Options for Access:

  • Access

    Clienteer is available as a desktop, web, or mobile application across all windows, mac and mobile operating systems. 

  • Install

    Multiple deployment options available: our cloud, your cloud, or on-premise that scale to the needs of any size hedge fund or institutional asset manager.

  • Connect

    Clienteer's architecture allows for both direct API and open database access, facilitating your ability to streamline workflows between systems, including Mobile Device Management (MDM) products, accounting systems and data intelligence sources, like Preqin.

+Frequently Used Add-ons:

  • Clienteer Mobile App

    Take the power of Clienteer in the palm of your hand - distribute compliance approved documents, send email templates, and most importantly, respond to investors in real-time. Clienteer Mobile is available in iOS, Apple Watch and Android Apps and integrates with Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers.

  • Email Unsubscribe Service

    Respect your investors and prospects email communication preferences by deploying a sound process for managing your opt-out communications contact lists. Leveraging Clienteer’s email link tracking capabilities coupled with an unsubscribe branded webpage can help streamline this process.

  • Outlook user

    Love the power of our Outlook® Add-in and instant email filing capabilities? An Outlook® user license is perfect for people who don’t need access to the full Clienteer database but want to take advantage of automated email activity tracking, email templates, document watermarking, and more. 

  • Two-Factor Authentication & Single Sign On (SSO)

    Make your user logins more secure by deploying two-factor authentication or Single Sign On (SSO).

  • Watermarking

    Protect against the unwanted distribution of sensitive fund and firm documents with on the fly, customizable PDF watermarking and password protection available in Clienteer Desktop, Web, Mobile and the Outlook® Add-in.

  • Event Management

    Minimize the amount of manual work that goes along with planning and promoting events and roadshows. Automatically capture attendee information filled out on an online registration form in Clienteer and easily send follow-ups to measure event success.