Premium Support & Training

The average tenure of our teammates is 7 years! Leverage their extensive industry knowledge and experience to build best practices into your software. Additionally, you can take advantage of in-depth training sessions to ensure you and your team are up to speed on all the functionality available to you. 

Administrator Upload Services

Clienteer's industry leading balance and transaction import tool seamlessly uploads investor account data from fund administrators and internal accounting system directly into Clienteer. If you want to utilize the advantages of this industry-leading tool, but are resource or time constrained, Imagineer offers an on-going investor account upload service. To learn more, download our Administrator Account Upload Service Fact Sheet.

5 Blocks Reputation Management Service

Leverage our integration with FiveBlocks to monitor keywords that impact your firm's online reputation. Take this a step further by engaging FiveBlocks' services team to help build, promote and defend your digital reputation.    

Website Design Services

Need to update or improve your branding or website? Leverage our seasoned, in-house design team to create the right look for your firm!