Simplified Research Management

  • Organize your research by creating custom templates by asset class to capture the right information and simplify ongoing due diligence and manager reviews.

  • Easily capture and collaborate on documents, emails, and notes for face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and other interactions in one place.

  • Run an organized and effective research process by standardizing the information you track about managers via flexible research note and activity forms.

  • Streamline your manager selection and due diligence processes with powerful yet flexible workflow and task management tools.

Cross-Team Collaboration

  • Capture and collaborate on manager notes, fund documents, and more using custom tags, team member @mentions, and in-app notifications.
  • Effortlessly share all emails, meeting notes, DDQs and other activity with your team.
  • Comment on activities to create a complete and searchable history of your research and diligence efforts over time.
  • Get instant notifications when anyone on your team interacts with the funds and managers you’re tracking via email, the application, or desktop pop-ups.

Imagineer is responsive, transparent and embraces close collaboration with their clients which allows us to get the most out of their systems and better service our own clients.

Organized Due Diligence

  • Know what’s happening throughout the lifecycle of an investment, thanks to helpful notifications. Synap will let you know when tasks are assigned to you, when the tasks you assign are completed or become overdue.
  • Set-up recurring workflows to assure every step is completed to your standards without the hassle of tracking everything in spreadsheets or clunky old software.
  • Define, manage, and track stages and the requisite outputs associated with every stage of your research process.
  • Define rules to automatically assign tasks to the appropriate research analysts, calculate due dates, manage task sequences, and more.
  • Quickly update due diligence questionnaires right from a task.

Flexible API Integrations

  • Synap’s open architecture makes easy to connect to other best-of-breed solutions like portfolio management, accounting and analytic platforms.
  • Tight integration with Outlook® and G Suite® makes it snap to capture all your important manager interactions.